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As the Senior Art Director for VICE Digital Entertainment, I oversaw all visual assets for video, editorial and mobile platforms: Including but not limited to branding for video series, editorial art direction for web & VICE Magazine, and creating design templates for global teams.

The VICE Guide to Las Vegas

In 2022, VICE Digital brought back The VICE Guide to Travel—with its first stop in Las Vegas. Tasked to create a microsite hosting a combination of written and video guides, I led the creative direction which was heavily inspired by the kitschy and playful imagery found in Las Vegas signage and casino slot machines.

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Creative Direction Jacqueline Jing Lin
Motion Graphics Koji Yamamoto
Illustration Art Direction Cathryn Virginia
Photo Editor Ricardo Nagaoka
Product Design Lee Miesenheimer, Andy Nicholl, Rob Thomas, Thyda Lay
Editor in Chief, global Matthew Schnipper
editor in chief, usa Amy-Rose Spiegel